Frequently Asked Questions  Any Questions for “Accordions of Coventry”

Firstly, please feel free to call us with accordion questions on 02476 448933, we would love to help if we can.

Q. I want to learn how to play the accordion. What size or make of accordion is best to start with?

A. We have a range of student accordions, both new and pre-owned, come and see us and we can find one to suit you.

Q. How much is my old accordion worth in part exchange against another one?

A. It is almost impossible to value an accordion without seeing it.  Why not come and see us at “Accordions of Coventry” and we will give you a fair valuation. If you are coming from a distance, please phone and make an appointment.

Q. Is there an accordion club in the area where I can meet other accordion players.

A. Unfortunately the previous club no longer meets, but if a new club starts up we will add details to the club page.